Every day, thousands of pages are translated all over the world. Translation bridges cultural divides, preserves heritage and enables cross-cultural learning.

Professional translation is a matter of understanding the meaning of text in what is termed “source” and producing its equivalent in another language, the “target” language. For us, this process is not just about translating word for word, but contextualizing the message for the target language.

This requires us to have good knowledge of different cultures behind the language. Our team has well rounded insights into a variety of cultures, primarily Western. Our team has spent years translating for teams, seminars, conferences as well as translating documents such as books, manuals, video scripts and other formats.

Our team comes from different backgrounds with different focuses and strengths so that we can cover any translation/interpretation needs you have. We have developed this system to ensure the highest possible standards to our clients.

This is how it works


Step 1

After the quote has been approved and the file received and reviewed by the Project Manager, the most appropriate Translator will be chosen by the Project Manager

Step 2

Translation process begins with our translators using a variety of reference materials. The professional experience of our team and industry specific knowledge ensures that they capture the intended meaning culturally. The initially translated document is then sent back to the Project Manager


Step 3

The file then undergoes two stages of proofreading. The first is for grammatical errors while the second is for accuracy. The corrections are then made by the original translator. The revised file is then sent back to the Project Manager who does the final proofread.

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